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Interpreting Reports

Interpreting Posture Reports

  1. The printed report will display three main areas:
    1. Visual diagrams representing posture measurements.
    2. Grid displaying posture values and severity.
    3. Interpretation of posture results.
  2. Visual diagrams show two main references:
    1. Pink-shaded areas represent the significance of posture deviations
      from the normal posture.
    2. Numerical values representing measurements of posture deviations.
  3. Posture values are represented in inches in displayed in table format for each posture point.
  4. Posture values are color-coded to represent severity:
    1. Green is normal
    2. Yellow is mild
    3. Orange is moderate
    4. Red is severe
  5. Thresholds related to the above posture severities are determined by the patient’s height and the significance of posture change for each posture point.
  6. Posture interpretation represents risk factors for common MSK disorders that relate to posture values.

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