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3D Postural Analysis Tool that Builds Both Your Practice and Your Reputation

PostureCare will deliver more confidence in your care.

Simple, Quick & Easy-to-Use

With a 5-minute out-of-the-box setup and less than 1-minute exams, PostureCare is simple to use, quick to set up, and easy to transport.

Powerful, Integrated & Complete

Powerful laser technology is integrated seamlessly with digital imaging software that provides a complete 3D postural analysis.

Specific, Accurate & Reliable

3D postural analysis are specific to anatomical landmarks, accurate to .1″, and reliable using autocalibrations.

3D postural analysis

Unique, Modern & Dependable

Bring something unique to your office with a technological design that looks and feels modern and dependable.


Hardware That’s Dependable and Lasts

Sturdy Structure

Built with an aluminum structure and marine-grade plastic base, PostureCare can withstand many years of regular use with little to no wear and tear.

Quality Electronics

You can also depend on high-end electronic parts for years of hassle-free use.

Packaging and Storage Material

All parts of PostureCare are securely stored in a double-walled corrugated container and dense styrofoam packaging for secure storage and transport.

Software With Intuitive UX

Optimized for Touch Interface

All navigation functions and input fields functions are easy to access using the tablet computer included in the professional package.  No keyboard is necessary with an on-screen keyboard feature.

Easy Navigation

Navigate and find accounts or reports in 2 clicks or less.  The application’s layout and design are intuitive and easy to read.  Response from input or functions is virtually instantaneous so you spend more time on the patient and not the computer.

Secure and Compliant

Software data is secured using the latest encryption standards.  Password-protected data allows secure access to patient records.  Together, these standards make PostureCare a HIPPA-compliant electronic health record application.

Robust Programming

Built on .NET framework and C## programming language, PostureCare’s software is efficient and reliable throughout all of its functions.

Reports That Educate

Attractive Yet Simple Illustrations

Represent normal posture with male and female avatars.  Patients’ 3D postural analysis are clearly shown and superimposed over avatar illustrations for easy comparisons.

Results Clearly Described

Results are color-coded to show the severity of 3D postural analysis.  Impressions indicate risk assessments for MSK disorders.

Personalized Branding

Give a more professional impression to patients by adding your office’s contact information and logo on every report.  Market your services as a solution to their structural issues with a printed and  personalized posture report.

Condition Specific Brochures

Connect the dots with patients with brochures that explain specific conditions related to their posture abnormalities.  Brochures provide an easy-to-read reference on what is causing their symptoms and how it can be treated.

Portable and Compact

Fits in Any Space

About the size of a typical coffee table, it’s easy to find space in most exam or treatment rooms.  Its footprint measures just 4′ x 2′ x 7′ and can be placed against any wall or corner.

Easy to Transport

PostureCare comes in a convenient carrying case for easy transportation.  At only 35 lbs, it’s light and compact enough for anyone to travel with.

Quick Setup

With only 12 pieces to assemble, it takes on average 5 minutes to set up or break down PostureCare.  Maximize your trade show time by spending more time with visitors and less time setting up.

Marketing That Delivers Results

Ideal for Most Booths

Display materials are optimized for booths 10′ wide or shorter.  Material designs are balanced in color and format for maximum message exposure.

Eye-Catching Display

Everybody loves a laser light show.  With PostureCare’s red laser lines, show visitors are bound to stop by with interest.  The colorful and professional display materials will continue to keep their attention.

Educational & Influential Messaging

Deliver posture reports that quickly educate visitors on the cause of their MSK issues so they can hear your solutions.  Provide information on common conditions related to abnormal posture analysis results.  Show practice branding and contact information.

Integrated With the Latest Techology

Eye Safe Laser Lines

Specially focused laser lines that maximize camera recognition yet are safe for eye exposure.  Lasers are specially designed with 1mW power which is the same intensity as any laser pointer.

Efficiently Developed Software

Built on Microsofts .Net framework and C# language, PostureCare’s software code is optimized for efficient, responsive operation, and stable operation.  Maximize your exam time with a “glitch-free” program experience.

Next Generation Image Processing

Together with an HD Camera and AI image processing, PostureCare is able to measure deviations in laser line positions to .1″ or 1 degree.  Processed 3D postural analysis are delivered in less than 2 seconds for quick and seamless posture assessments.

USB Integrated Digital Scales

Force plate scales can digitally read deviations in right and left weight changes to less than 1 lb.  Weight data is reported in real-time through USB 2.0 connection.

Service You Can Depend On

Phone Support

With premium support, you and your team can call and speak directly with a Senior Support associate in person within 24 hours.

2 Year Warranty

If for any reason PostureCare fails to work properly under to normal-use or environment, we will either fix or replace the device at no cost.  This warranty is available for two years from the date of the purchase.

Industry Trained Agents

Support agents are trained in the unique needs of physical medicine practitioners.  Whether it’s communicating 3D postural analysis to patients, or maximizing profits, they know you can get the most out of PostureCare.

Fast Response Time

Premium support clients receive same-day email replies and phone call returns within 24hr.

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