LASER GUIDED Posture Assessment Tool

The professionals choice in manage patients by measuring posture in all three planes.

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How it WORKS

EXAMIN 3D POSTURE with lasers and digital imaging software that measure misalignments BETWEEN 11 POSTURE POINTS.

ANALYZE 3D POSTURE using lasers and imaging software that measures misalignments BETWEEN 11 POSTURE POINTS.

posture analysis

Position Patient

Patient faces grid with feet on scales

Palpating location for positioning laser

Align Lasers

Align lasers to bony landmarks

Capture Measurements

Click “Capture” to record 3D posture and weight distribution

See a 1-Minute Demonstration of PostureCare


Discover the leader of posture assessment tools


PostureCare is the only posture screening tool that can measure posture to within 1/16th of an inch. Guessing at posture is now a thing of the past..


No more uncomfortable or awkward photos of patients.  Instead, PostureCare uses images of laser lines on a grid and reports their measurements.

True 3D

PostureCare is the only posture assessment tool that can examine posture in the Coronal (Z-axis) plane.  Now you can assess shoulder rotation, pelvic rotation, sway back, and kyphosis.

posture analysis tool


PostureCare uses a computer algorithm to measure angles and distances between palpated bony landmarks so you are less likely to “Fudge” results with your eyes.

Any Dress

Patients can wear any form of clothing while using PostureCare.  No more need to wear uncomfortable skin-tight attire.


Digital bilateral scales allow right and left-sided measurement of weight distribution.  See how more pressure on one side correlates to pelvic imbalances.

Why Choose


The all-in-one posture assessment tool that builds both your practice and your reputation.

Patient Education

Patients want to see the problem, not be told. PostureCare provides visual evidence that supports the cause and treatment of most MS conditions.

Effective Marketing

Want an exciting new way to attract new patients? PostureCare is a hit at shows, fairs, or expos.

Improved Care

An improved posture assessment method that correlates the patient’s symptoms to posture and tracks improvements in both.

Better Documentation

Add credibility to your notes with more comprehensive posture assessment tool that show accurate, reproducible, and comparable results.

Bilateral Weight Scales

Integrated Bilateral Weight Scales

Compare right and left sided weight distribution and see how it relates to hip or pelvic deviations.  See how changes compare before and after treatment.

Compact and Portable

Travel anywhere quickly and easily with PostureCare’s included travel case and carrying strap.  It takes only 5 minutes from setup to break down.

traveling case

New Patient


Be the “Go-To” booth that excites visitors and helps you break the ice.


  • Convenient carrying case
  • Compact design
  • Easy setup


  • Tablecloth
  • Popup banners
  • Table banners


  • Brochures with stand
  • Custom reports
  • Buyer location map


The Right Message, The Right Way

Display engaging and professional marketing materials. Whether its trying to break the ice by introducing services or convincing patients to adhere to care plans, we make it easy to deliver the right message, the right way, at the right time.


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Modern Look

Enjoy a unique and professional design that grabs patients attention.

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Awesome Support

Professional package purchases enjoy one year on call support.

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Compact Design

PostureCare’s small footprint fits in most rooms and can travel in a 35lb carrying case.

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Plug and Play Setup

Setting up takes less than 5 minutes from out of box to exam ready.

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Touch Screen UX

Enjoy an intuitive software experience with touch-friendly interface.

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Customized Reports

Add practice info and branding logo to patient reports.

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