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Camera Calibration

  1. Select a patient in the main window.
  2. Click “PostureCare” button.
  3. Click the “Initialize” Button in the image capture window.
  4. Tilt the camera on the end of the extension arm to the middle of the banner (fold between green dots) is aligned with the green line in the video feed.
  5. Click the “Find Corners” button in the calibration window. NOTE: a message on the right side should say “found 8 out of 8 corners”.
  6. Confirm blue dots are located at the green squares on the top grid and at the corners of the bottom grid.
  7. Position both right and left lasers so they intersect the top and bottom grid corners.
  8. Click the button labeled “Set Twist”.
  9. Position the top right laser 1” down and the bottom right laser 1” up.
  10. Click the button labeled “Set Comp”.
  11. Click the “Save” button and the “Close” button at the bottom.

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