Product Return and Refund Policy.

Refund after purchase. If for any reason, you decide you want to return or cancel any Product(s) you purchased from PostureCare for a full refund, you must notify us no later than sixty (60) days following your date of purchase (the “Refund Period”) and also ship the Product(s) you want to return to us no later than the Refund Period. To initiate any return, you must obtain an Equipment Return Authorization from PostureCare by completing the required information at or contacting customer support at (888) 807-3668. After you have provided the required information on the PostureCare Website or to PostureCare customer support, you will receive an email from PostureCare with the return instructions you must follow to receive your refund. In your return shipment, you must include the Equipment Return List provided with the email which lists the products you are authorized to return.

Additional requirements for receiving refunds or avoiding charges for an unpaid balance owed for Product(s) received. To receive a refund or avoid being charged by PostureCare for the unpaid balance owed for Product(s) you have received in accordance with the terms listed above, ensure that the Product(s) you are returning within the 60-day Refund Period is repackaged with all the cords, adaptors, components, and documentation that were included when you received the Product(s). You are not responsible for return shipping costs and you will be provided a shipping label.  If you purchase a Bundle (multiple Products sold together at a discount), PostureCare will not provide a refund if you return only part of the Bundle, and you must return all of the Products sold together in that Bundle in order to receive any refund or avoid being charged by PostureCare for the unpaid balance owed for equipment you have received. PostureCare may reduce the amount of your refund, or charge you the appropriate amount if you have not previously paid for your equipment in full, to reflect any reduction in the value of the Product, as determined by PostureCare in its sole reasonable discretion, caused by your failure to protect the Product(s) from damage, the uninstallation of the Product(s) and/or handling or damaged during return shipping due to your packaging of the Products.

You must return all Products on that list AND any and all Products you received at your time of purchase as promotional Products (“Promotional Products”), if any, to PostureCare. To receive a full refund for any Product(s) you wish to return, you must ship your Product(s), all Promotional Products, and any other materials, such as operation manuals, provided to you with the Product(s) prior to the expiration of the Refund Period. Upon receipt of all required returned Product(s) and materials, including Promotional Products, if any, PostureCare will refund to you the actual price you paid for the Product(s) or credit the unpaid balance owed for the Product(s), if applicable. You will not receive a refund or credit for any missing or damaged Product(s) or Promotional Products or for any Product(s) shipped after the Refund Period deadline. PostureCare will process the refund owed to you as soon as possible but in no event more than 30 days from the date of receipt by PostureCare of the returned Product(s).

Warranty Terms

PostureCare, LLC will provide a 5-year 100% warranty on all their products related manufacture defects or hardware and software-related damages resulting from normal product use as stated in the owner manual.  All products purchased within the warranted period will be either replaced or repaired by PostureCare, LLC at no cost to the buyer.  If PostureCare, LLC is unable to replace or repair warranted products or parts, the buyer will receive a complete refund of the product’s costs at the time of purchase.

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